Overnight Whitewater Rafting Trip (Upper)


These river camping trips are guaranteed to drift away your cares and stimulate your senses. Traveling 55 miles on the remote areas of the river will offer you a glimpse into history and thrills to remember. Enjoy some of the largest and most exciting rapids on the river. By day, we ride the Deschutes River from Warm Springs to the quaint town of Maupin. Keeping an eye out to spot wildlife, hear talk of the historic railroad wars and marvel at basalt formations during sun-soaked floats. And, when we hit swift water, be prepared to feel it in your gut. In addition to the wild rapids we ride during the day trips, the overnight excursions conquer the infamous White Hourse, Four Chutes, and Buckskin Mary to name a few. When we break, take time to explore nature trails, fish or simply kick back, and let us treat your palate to gourmet fare at every meal. Just pack your sleeping bag, toiletries, fishing rod and camera — we supply the rest. We provide tents, sleeping pads, all food and other camping essentials. We provide dry bags for your gear and gourmet meals. This is the ideal getaway for families, corporate trips, senior class trips, or simply to relax.

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Rafting Trip Includes

    • 40+ Mile Float on the Lower Deschutes River (upper Deschutes River trips also available)
    • Professional Guide
    • Group Instructions
    • Paddles, Life Jackets
    • Dry Bags for Personal Items
    • Tents, Sleeping Pads
    • All Meals and Beverages
    • Other Camping Essentials
    • Shuttle Service
    • Unlimited Fun!

Length of Trip

40+ Miles

2-Day, 1-Night Trip Price

$325/weekdays $345/weekends
BLM Fees $5/weekdays and $10/weekends

3-Day, 2-Night Trip Price

$425/weekdays $445/weekends
BLM Fees $5/weekdays and $10/weekends

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Upper Deschutes River Overnight Trip